Planning, Design & Construction

The Office of Planning, Design & Construction is responsible for the development of the physical environment on campus.  This responsibility starts with the development of the long-range master plans and visioning guides for all campuses of the Missouri State University system and continues through the development and completion of construction projects. In everything we do, we work to build a better Missouri State.

Attention: August 2018 Prevailing Wage Law Updates

Legislation (HB 1729) passed by the Missouri General Assembly and signed by the Governor becomes effective August 28, 2018. This new law makes several changes to Missouri's prevailing wage system. Missouri's Prevailing Wage Law establishes a minimum wage rate for public works projects in Missouri valued over $75,000. This law applies to all public works projects constructed by or on behalf of state and local public bodies.

The rates must be incorporated into contract specifications for all public works jobs. This is the minimum wage rate required for the project. Employees are free to bargain for a higher rate of pay. Employers are free to pay a higher rate of pay. The prevailing wage rate differs by county and for different types of work.

For more information regarding the changes to Prevailing Wage, visit the Missouri Department of Labor

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8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Planning, Design & Construction
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Click on the map below for directions to the Burgess House.Directions FROM NORTH: From National - turn left  on Cherry, turn right on Kickapoo, turn right on Madison. Burgess  House will be on the right. OR Turn left on Harrison, turn right on McCann, turn right on Madison, Burgess House will be on  the right. FROM SOUTH: From National - turn  right on Madison, Burgess House will be  on the left.