Weekly Project Updates

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The Office of Planning, Design and Construction is pleased to share weekly project updates with the campus, the community, and beyond. While not a comprehensive list, the updates reflect our more substantial campus projects. Below are our most current updates and previous updates are available at the bottom of this page. If you would like additional details, or information regarding a project not listed below, please contact our office at 417-836-5101 or email us at DesignandConstruction@Missouristate.edu. Thank you for your interest in projects at Missouri State University.

Update for Week Ending March 22, 2019

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Construction of NPHC Plots

Michael Mardis, Project Manager

The soffit stone installation is complete. The stainless steel clips have arrived and vertical stone installation has begun. A meeting with the consultant and contractor was held March 22.

Renovation of Rooms 105 and 126, Kemper Hall

Michael Mardis, Project Manager

Room 126 continues to be cleared for work to begin in that area. The submittal process continues.

Outdoor Amphitheater, West Plains Campus

Adam Shuler, Project Manager

The contractor has mobilized on site and dirt work has begun.

Greenhouse Addition, Temple Hall

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete. The concrete slab was poured this week. The greenhouse structure is scheduled to be delivered next week. The erection of the structure is estimated to take five weeks.

Renovation of Room 114, Meyer Library

Adam Shuler, Project Manager

The drywall work and above ceiling inspection are complete. The ceiling installation, painting, and entryway will be completed in the upcoming weeks.

Ozarks Educational Center, Bull Shoals Field Station

Adam Shuler, Project Manager

A pre-bid meeting was held on March 21. The bid opening is scheduled for April 4.

Upgrade Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Blair-Shannon House

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

The submittal process continues. Electrical conduit is being run from the basement to the new transformer location. A scheduling and shut-down coordination meeting was held March 21.

Phase II Renovation, Woods House

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

The project was approved by the Board of Governors Executive Committee at their March 20 meeting and a notice to proceed was issued to the contractor. Work is anticipated to begin on May 20. The work in the lobby space may begin mid-May.

Multi-Purpose Addition, Greenwood Laboratory School

Jerry Compton, Project Manager

The consultant continues work on the construction documents. The construction documents are expected to be issued for campus review next week.

Classroom Addition, McQueary Family Health Sciences Hall

Michael Mardis, Project Manager

A review meeting was held on March 20 with Facilities Management, Networking and Telecommunications, and Classroom Technology. The consultant continues work on the construction documents. Furniture selections and parking discussions continue.

  • Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

  • Renovation of 107 and 108 at Strong Hall

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