Weekly Project Updates

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The Office of Planning, Design and Construction is pleased to share weekly project updates with the campus, the community, and beyond. While not a comprehensive list, the updates reflect our more substantial campus projects. Below are our most current updates and previous updates are available at the bottom of this page. If you would like additional details, or information regarding a project not listed below, please contact our office at 417-836-5101 or email us at DesignandConstruction@Missouristate.edu. Thank you for your interest in projects at Missouri State University.

Update for Week Ending August 23, 2019

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Renovation of Rooms 105 and 126, Kemper Hall

Michael Mardis, Project Manager

Punch list items are nearly complete. Project closeout has commenced.

Greenhouse Addition, Temple Hall

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

Per faculty request, additional irrigation, grow lights, outlets, and shade controls has been approved for the contractor to install.  The additional irrigation, grow lights, and outlets have been installed.  The shade control modifications are scheduled to begin the first week of September.

Ozarks Educational Center, Bull Shoals Field Station

Adam Shuler, Project Manager

Work is continuing in the future crawl space of the main building. Concrete foundation walls are almost complete on the main building. Foundations for the cabins will be formed once grading is complete.

Upgrade Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Blair-Shannon House

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

The contractor is currently wrapping up punch list work and consolidating closeout documents and final paperwork for submission.

Phase II Renovation, Woods House

Shanon Mitchell, Project Manager

Contractor work continues in some community spaces, such as the kitchen on the 10th floor, 1st floor lobby lighting, and punch list work in other areas. Installation of exterior panels is scheduled to begin this week, weather pending.  The wood slat ceiling tiles for the lobby spaces on the 1st and 10th floors were shipped this week and will be installed upon arrival. Window shades are scheduled to install next week, as well as the fence for the exterior mechanical equipment.

Multi-Purpose Addition, Greenwood Laboratory School

Jerry Compton, Project Manager

The contractor is working on foundation footing and relocation of chilled water lines. Materials testing at the site was conducted this week and unsuitable soils were uncovered in two locations. Pouring of concrete footing continues in areas with suitable soils, but weather has slowed progress.

Classroom Addition, McQueary Family Health Sciences Hall

Michael Mardis, Project Manager

The site is nearly built back up to elevation. Excavation continues on east side of the site. New fiber optic conduit has been installed. The new gas line work is completed. Demolition has begun on east stair tower. The submittal process continues. Planning for the district chilled water line installation is in progress.

Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

Bruce Colony, Project Manager

The contractor continues to work at advancing the shoring and forming of the fourth level of the garage.

ESports Complex, Springfield Campus

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager

Preliminary investigations have begun to determine the feasibility of this project.  A committee has been established to discuss program, space requirements, computer systems and potential locations for this group.  The committee will review multiple design options at their next meeting. After this meeting, it will be determined if a consultant will be required to execute this project.

  • Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

  • Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

  • Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

  • Developer Led Residence Hall, Holland House

  • Developer Led Residence Hall Progress Photos

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