Prevailing Wage

Payroll Report Information

The Missouri Prevailing Wage Law requires that all workers employed on public works projects be paid the proper prevailing wage rate. Prevailing wage rates are determined by actual hours worked, for a particular occupational title, in each individual county throughout the state.  As a public body, Missouri State University requires Contractors and Subcontractors to submit weekly Certified Payroll Reports throughout a project and an Affidavit of Compliance at the completion of a project to ensure that all employees are paid prevailing wage.

Certified Payroll Reports

A Certified Payroll Report is a specifically formatted document used by Contractors and Subcontractors to report how many weeks work has been performed, the hours worked, the rate of pay and the classification of work performed on a Public Works project. Certified Payroll Reports consist of two pages, including the Contractor Payroll Record and the Statement of Compliance.  The Statement of Compliance verifies that prevailing wage requirements have been met, including how fringe benefits are paid, any exceptions, and certifies that all information is accurate and true.