Phase II, Jordan Valley Innovation Center

Consultant: Ross & Baruzzini, Inc.

General Contractor: DeWitt & Associates

Project Budget: $3,440,000

Completion Date: October 2007

Project Description: This project included the renovations to approximately 25,000 square feet of the eastern section of the Jordan Valley Innovation Center to house research laboratories and support spaces. This renovation gutted the existing eastern section ot the building and made the area weather tight. The project provided code-required egress from this area of the building, a connection to the western portion of the building, and a renovated exterior for the north face of the building. New heating, fire protection, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure to make the building ready for laboratory functions for the Center for Applied Science and Engineering (CASE) and its affiliates was also accomplished under this project. CASE and its affiliates used additional grant money to finish out the spaces as necessary to serve the specific  projects it is working on.