Jane A. Meyer Carillon Tower, Carillon Bells

Consultant: Cannon Design with Perry Dean Rogers Architects

General Contractor: Royal Eijsbouts

Project Budget: $586,700.00

Completion Date: Fall 2001

Project Description: The Jane A. Meyer Carillon Tower has 48 bells. The bells were cast at Royal Eijsbouts in Asten, Netherlands. The bells are cast in bronze (minimum of 20% tin, 0.5% lead, balance in copper). The smaller bells gradually increase the amount of tin (24%) to secure a brilliant tone. Each bell is inscribed with "Eijsbouts Astensis in me Fecit anno MMI" which means "Eijsbouts at Asten made me in the year 2001." The ten largest bells also contain inscriptions as requested by the donor. The bells range from C3-chromatic-C7, omitting C#3 (four octaves). The largest bell C3 measures 5'-1 1/2" (1564 mm) in diameter and weighs 5,894 pounds (2200 kg). The lightest bell C7 is 8" (204 mm) and 29.5 pounds (11 kg). The total bell weight of the carillon is 32,660 pounds (12,190 kg). The clappers are iron cast with a hardness of 150 Brinell.