Exterior Renovations, Hutchens House

Consultant: Structural Engineering Associates, Inc.

General Contractor: DeWitt & Associates, Inc.

Project Budget: $5,200,000.00

Completion Date: August 2011

Project Description: This project reworked the exterior of Hutchens House much like what was done at Hammons House. In addition, the exterior of Garst Cafeteria was included in this project. All but the east side of Garst was renovated to provide a water tight exterior wall. The east side was not done at this time pending a possible addition in the coming years. The plaza in front of Garst was also renovated, combining the two circle drives in front of Hammons House and Hutchens House into a single drive allowing more programming space for Residence Life. Lastly, work was done on the curtain wall on the ends of the main wing at Freudenberger House under this contract. The replacement of the curtain wall was done to stop the water infiltration issues that were occurring.