How to Assemble Drawings and Technical Specifications


MSU Titleblocks shall be used for all project drawings.  Coordinate with the Project Manager to obtain the appropriate titleblock file format for each project.

Drawings should be bound into one PDF document.

  • The drawings should be in order, (according to the Cover Sheet)
  • All drawings should be oriented the same direction
  • The file should be named "Project Number Drawings". Example: (XX-XXX Drawings)

Technical Specifications

The Consultant should provide a sealed Technical Specification Index. The technical specifications should be bound electronically into one .pdf document and titled "Project Number Specs". Example: (XX-XXX Specs)


Drawings and Technical Specification should be emailed to

(Please note: Files larger than 10mg can be uploaded to a Dropbox. Contact our office at 417-836-5101 to receive upload instructions.)