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The Office of Planning, Design and Construction is pleased to share weekly project updates with the campus, the community, and beyond. While not a comprehensive list, the updates reflect our more substantial campus projects. Below are our most current updates and previous updates are available at the bottom of this page. If you would like additional details, or information regarding a project not listed below, please contact our office at 417-836-5101 or email us at DesignandConstruction@Missouristate.edu. Thank you for your interest in projects at Missouri State University.

Update for Week Ending March 17, 2017

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Renovation and Addition, Glass Hall

RobRoy Viau, Project Manager

The external air barrier is being installed on the east side of the addition with barrier on the south side to follow.  The 4th floor tier classroom framing is complete and the 3rd floor framing is at 60% completion.  A temporary wall has been constructed in the north corridor on the first floor of the existing building to allow for additional interior demoltion to continue. The first floor west end of the existing buidling has vacated and demolition is progressing.

New Elevator Installation, Kentwood Hall

Terry Rowland, Project Manager

The project has been completed with the exception of the elevator installation. All work associated with the elevator installation is on hold until May. The elevator is to be completed by October 1, 2017. 

Masonry and Roof Repairs, Jim D. Morris Center

Ime Usukumah, Project Manager

The finishing touches are being performed this week; however, because of inclement weather conditions earlier this week, the contractor is requesting that Substantial Completion Inspection which was scheduled this Friday be moved to Monday in order to allow the new roof to cure.

Renovation, Ellis Hall

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager

 In the main recital hall all scaffolding has been installed allowing stud framing work to begin.  The large steel beams for the catwalk have been set and the new main entry into the recital hall has been cut in.  Concrete blocks have been installed at the existing entry.  Also, in the recital hall main electrical feeds are being run and the mechanical units have been set under the seating raker beams.  Concrete work continues at the courtyard addition.  The existing steel roof structure at the addition connection has been removed and everything is being prepared for the installation of the new steel structure. Almost all of the stud wall framing has been installed on all floors and the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing piping continue on all floors with a focused effort of the fire suppression system on the 1st floor.  Duct work that has been installed is being wrapped with acoustical liner and sheet rock barrier ceilings and walls continue to be installed on all floors.  Exterior preparation work is occurring to allow the new glazing system to be installed.

New Health & Wellness Center

Jerry Compton, Project Manager

The public can view the project through the new construction camera via the PD&C website.  Work on utilities to provide independent service to the Bookstore was completed this week. The piping for steam heat will be completed soon. Construction of the new mechanical room addition for the bookstore continues. Construction of the basement walls has been completed with waterproofing and backfilling of the excavation in progress. Several concrete pads for major building columns have been built. The walls and roof over the old Taylor Health tunnel access have been demolished.

Improve District Chilled Water System, Campus Utilities, Phase 2

Mark Frietchen, Project Manager

Work is progressing well at the various locations of the project. The domestic water service work at Chiller Station No. 1 is complete. Good progress is being achieved on the chilled water piping at the Art Annex and all connections in the Karls Tunnel are complete; however the delivery of the chiller has been delayed by one week.  

Floor Repair in Weight Room, Hammons Student Center

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager

A pre-installation meeting for the flooring installation has been scheduled. 

 Renovation of Hass-Darr Hall, West Plains Campus

RobRoy Viau, Project Manager

The contractor has mobilized to the site. A schedule has been set and the submittal phase has begun. A groundbreaking ceremony has been scheduled for March 31st at 4 p.m.

Plaza Addition to the Davis-Harrington Welcome Center

Terry Rowland, Project Manager

A concrete mock-up was poured this week for approval. Also, the concrete foundation footings have been dug and poured for the seat walls on the project.

  • New Wellness Center Construction

  • Renovation at Ellis Hall

  • Addition at Glass Hall

  • Floor Repair in Hammons Weight Room

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