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The Office of Planning, Design and Construction is pleased to share weekly project updates with the campus, the community, and beyond. While not a comprehensive list, the updates reflect our more substantial campus projects. Below are our most current updates and previous updates are available at the bottom of this page. If you would like additional details, or information regarding a project not listed below, please contact our office at 417-836-5101 or email us at DesignandConstruction@Missouristate.edu. Thank you for your interest in projects at Missouri State University.

Update for Week Ending August 18, 2017

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Renovation and Addition, Glass Hall

RobRoy Viau, Project Manager

Exterior cladding continues to be installed on the addition.  The renovated three large auditoriums, financial trading lab and two large classrooms will be ready for the start of school. The corridor on the third floor is having carpet installed.  All the terrazzo floor in the renovation has been polished and will be gleaming for the arrival of students. The site concrete is being finished along the north and east side of the building.

New Elevator Installation, Kentwood Hall

Terry Rowland, Project Manager

Elevator rails continue to be installed and work on the upper structure inside the elevator shaft has started. The elevator construction is considered 60%. The elevator doors have been installed on floors 2-6. The construction of the new corridor on the sixth floor is complete  The elevator installation is scheduled to be completed by October 10.

Renovation, Ellis Hall

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager

Installation of the exterior wall cladding has begun with the installation of cladding clips and insulation.  Site work and cleanup continues around the site and the site has been seeded on the north side.  Exterior sidewalks and the concrete bike pad have been poured.  Wall flashing is installed at the parapet cap at the jr. recital hall roof and the rework of the stone caps is occurring.  Terrazzo flooring and patches have been placed and polished.  Acoustic panel ceiling in the lobby area is being installed in conjunction with the wood and fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels at the second floor teaching rooms.  Work continues in the jr. recital and main recital halls with the installation of wood panels in the main recital hall. 

New Health & Wellness Center

Jerry Compton, Project Manager

The installation of metal wall panels along with framing for installation of the windows continues. Delivery of glass for the window systems is expected this week. The installation of interior wall framing, door frames, ductwork, electrical and plumbing rough-ins continues in the building. The building air handler unit was delivered this week. The roof installation has been completed.

Renovation of Hass-Darr Hall, West Plains Campus

RobRoy Viau, Project Manager

Structural steel has arrived and will be erected soon.  Preparations are being made to bore new conduit to the building for new communications cabling.

Expansion of Parking Lot 39

Doug Sampson, Project Manager

The gas line adjacent to Walnut Street has been relocated to allow the new curb and gutter to be poured.  Two new conduits have been bored so that the site communications cable can be relocated.  The parking lot has a temporary entrance and 96 spaces are now available for the start of school.

Bathroom Renovation, Shannon House

Terry Rowland, Project Manager

Substantial completion has been issued to the contractor for the entire project.

Renovation of the Third Floor, Professional Building

Jerry Compton, Project Manager

The punchlist walkthrough for substantial completion was conducted last Friday. The contractor is working on completing the items found during this walkthrough.  

Renovation, Hill Hall

Mark Wheeler, Project Manager

The contractor continues to stage the project in conjunction with shoring up the mechanical tunnels around the building.  The demolition of the fourth floor is complete and the demolition is currently occurring on the third floor with the removal of all the electrical devices first.

Replace Boilers, Morris Center

Mark Frietchen, Project Manager

Equipment was delivered this week. Boiler installation has begun and will continue for several weeks.

  • New Wellness Center Construction

  • Renovation at Ellis Hall

  • Addition at Glass Hall

  • Floor Repair in Hammons Weight Room

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