Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017)

Completion of Major Projects (>$100,000)

  • Floor Cracking in Weight Room, Hammons Student Center
  • Drive and Parking Lot Improvements, Mtn. Grove Campus
  • Replace Seating, Hammons Student Center
  • South Wall Exterior Repairs, Jim D. Morris Center
  • Renovation of the Diatetics Kitchen, Professional Building
  • FY16 ADA Improvements, Carrington & Cheek Halls
  • Relocation of Veterans Lounge, Meyer Library
  • Tornado Community Safe Room, Sunvilla West
  • Broadcast Tower Maintenance, OPTV Fordland
  • Laboratory Renovations in Temple Hall
  • 2016 Renovation of Meyer Library
  • Relocate Taylor Heatlth & Wellness to the Monroe
  • Replace 2nd Floor Flooring & Equipment, Plaster Stadium
  • Re-Roof Section A, Professional Building
  • Burrito Bowl Modifications, Plaster Student Union
  • FY16 Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance 
  • Repairs to Gutters and Parapet, Strong Hall
  • Bathroom Renovation, Blair House

Project Requests


Planning Design & Construction processed 183 Project Request Forms during fiscal year 2017.

2017 PRF

Consulting Services


Planning, Design & Construction awarded 38 Professional Services contracts during fiscal year 2017 with a contract value of $1,770,386.46.

Southwest Missouri Contractors


93% of the construction contracts awarded in fiscal year 2017 by Planning, Design & Construction were with Southwest Missouri Contractors.


Construction Contracts


Planning, Design & Construction awarded 82 construction contracts in fiscal year 2017 with a contract value of  $34,598,037.06.