Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011)

Completion of Major Projects (>$100,000)

  • Interior Renovations, West Plains Looney Hall
  • Exterior Repairs, Hammons House
  • West Tunnel Condensate Pump Replacement, Springfield Campus
  • Remove Cooling Tower, Kemper Hall
  • New Nursing Simulation Lab in Room 428, Professional Building
  • Install New Field Lighting, Plaster Sport Complex
  • Phase I Renovation Re-Roof, Plaster Center for Free Enterprise
  • Modifications to Viticulture & Enology Center, Mt. Grove Campus
  • Renovation of Duplex, Mt. Grove Campus
  • Installation of Three Steam Fired Water Heaters, Freudenberger House
  • Building Repairs, Freudenberger House
  • Repair of the Penthouse, Craig Hall
  • Exterior Repairs, Looney Hall West Plains Campus
  • Third Floor Modifications, Professional Building
  • Elevator Renovations, Glass Hall
  • Elevator Renovations, Blair-Shannon House
  • Renovation to Elevator No. 41, Looney Hall West Plains Campus
  • Replace Sound System & Scoreboard, Hammons Student Ctr.
  • Phase IIa Renovation, Jordan Valley Innovation Center
  • Installation of Two New Boilers, Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts

Project Requests


Planning Design & Construction processed 196 Project Request Forms during fiscal year 2011.

2011 Project Request Forms

Consulting Services


Planning, Design & Construction awarded 43 Professional Services contracts during fiscal year 2011 with a contract value of $1,418,240.00.

Southwest Missouri Contractors


99% of the construction contracts awarded in fiscal year 2011 by Planning, Design & Construction were with Southwest Missouri Contractors.

Construction Contracts


Planning, Design & Construction awarded 78 construction contracts in fiscal year 2011 with a contract value of $24,247,000.00.

2011 Construction Contracts chart

2011 Construction Work in Place