Missouri State University

September 3, 2013

Electrical Distribution System Study for the

Springfield Campus

Missouri State University

Project Number 130906-058



Missouri State University is seeking qualification statements from firms interested in working with the University to provide an evaluation of the existing central campus 4,160-volt distribution system, including each of the 13,200-volt feeds serving the system.  The study will include an evaluation of the capacity and condition of the system and provide a review of the electrical load placed on the system by each building.  From that information a recommendation will be made as to which buildings each feeder should serve in order to best take advantage of the capacity of the feeder.  The recommendation should also balance the loads between the two services so as to minimize demand charges from the utility provider.  Lastly, the study will provide a recommendation as to how best to serve critical buildings in the event that one of the feeders fails.


Existing System Description

All power serving the Springfield campus of Missouri State University is purchased from City Utilities of Springfield.  The central campus distribution system that is the subject of this study is served by the local utility provider from two locations.

The system is fed from the south at 13,200 volts from a pad-mounted, medium voltage switch located along Grand Street just west of National Avenue.  Power from the pad-mounted switch travels underground to the Power House where a pad-mounted transformer converts the voltage to 4,160 volts for distribution to the central campus buildings.  This feeder and its associated 4,160-volt distribution system is known as the "South Feed".

The system is also served from the west where the local utility provides a 13,200 volt service to a switchgear lineup located near the corner of Madison Street and Clay Avenue.  This switchgear lineup provides 13,200 volt service to Strong Hall, Glass Hall, Meyer Library, Forsythe Athletics Center, the Foster Family Recreation Center, and the central campus distribution system.  The 13,200 volt feed for the central campus distribution system travels underground along Clay Avenue and Bear Boulevard to a switchgear building located just south of Greenwood Laboratory School.  At this location a pad-mounted transformer converts the voltage to 4,160 volts for distribution to the central campus buildings.  This feeder and its associated 4,160-volt distribution system is known as the "North Feed."

The majority of the North Feed and South Feeds are routed through campus within the underground utility tunnel system but there are a few building that are served buried feeders.  The system is set up so that the North and South Feeds run parallel to one another and buildings or groups of buildings can be served from either the North Feed or the South Feed based on the position of the medium-voltage switches serving them.

Construction of the central campus distribution system that is in use today began in 1965.  As the campus has grown, many additions and modifications to the system have taken place.  Some of the original equipment has been replaced, however many of the original components installed in the mid-1960's still remain in service today.

In recent years the peak demand on the North Feed has been approximately 5300 Kw and the peak demand on the South Feed has been approximately 2200 Kw.  The buildings involved in the study are highlighted on the linked map of the central Springfield Campus.



After successful selection of a consultant and award of the contract, work on the study is expected to begin as quickly as possible.  The goal is to award the contract for professional services in Mid-October of 2013 and complete this study prior to the end of March of 2014. 

The study will include field work, meetings and other communication to obtain input from project stakeholders, and meetings to review the study at various milestones as it is developed.

If your firm is interested in providing the professional services for this project, we ask that you respond to the linked Request for Qualifications.  Please provide four (4) printed copies of the response to the office of Planning, Design & Construction located in the Burgess House on the Missouri State University campus.  These responses must be received by 5:00 p.m., September 18, 2013.  These may be hand delivered to the office at 736 South National Avenue or mailed to 901 South National Avenue, Springfield, Missouri, 65897.  Each firm's response will be reviewed by a committee and evaluated considering the areas as outlined in the request for qualifications.  Following the review and checking of references, the University may invite a select number of firms to campus to further present their qualifications.

The University the consultant selected for this study will be required to use Missouri State University's standard "Agreements for Special Services".  The form of agreement is posted on-line and is available for your review at the following link:  http://architect.missouristate.edu/ConsultantServices/FormsandDocuments/ConsultantAgreements.htm  Please review and become familiar with this document prior to submitting your qualification statement.  By submitting a response to this request, the University understands that your firm is willing to accept this agreement without modification.

The University welcomes qualification statements for firms with a diverse workforce, including women and minority owned firms and joint ventures including such firms.

All inquiries regarding this request should be directed to  Brad Kielhofner, P.E., Associate Director of Planning, Design & Construction (phone 417.836.5101or E-mail BradKielhofner@MissouriState.edu).  Answers to any questions will be provided as promptly as possible.