Missouri State University

About Us


  • Overseeing the development of the design for a new or renovated facility for the campus.  The design is reviewed for compliance with all university standards.  Each project is closely monitored to be within the established budget for the project.  At each step or phase of the design work, the budget is reviewed and no work is allowed to continue until the project is within the budget.

  • Development of campus standards.  This department works with the campus community to develop and maintain campus standards.  These standards lead to a unified look on the campus by visually tying the different elements together as well as leading to easier maintenance and high quality facilities.

  • Building code officials for the university.  Being a state institution, the university is outside the jurisdiction of the local building code authority.  Since the state does not have established, recognized state-wide building codes, it becomes the responsibility of the university to act as their own code authority.  This office has been designated as that authority and is responsible to assure that all new and renovated facilities are designed to meet current codes and to review any existing conditions on campus for code compliance.  In addition, this office is tasked with the responsibility of assure the university complies with all aspects of the American with Disabilities Act with respect to the built environment.